Few things affect your everyday life more than where you live. Whether it’s the
weather, the quality of the neighborhood, the schools, restaurants, and shops, public parks or the lack thereof, your city is an integral part of your life. It’s the culture surrounding you and the environment shaping you. Your city matters.

But a lot of people don’t take the time to appreciate where they live, which makes it easy to feel discontent, disconnected, and restless.

When Kristin Tovar moved to Tucson, she did not take the time to appreciate what made it beautiful and unique, and struggled to feel connected to the community surrounding her.

She was discontent. She was disconnected. She was restless. And all of these things were stealing her joy and coloring everything she did during the day. So one day, she made a choice. She decided she would discipline herself to find at least something each day she liked about Tucson and share it to her Instagram account @whyilovewhereilive.

Needless to say, she began to see her city with fresh eyes and grew to love the
beauty of Tucson. Now, 8 years later, what started as a discipline in gratitude has turned into a movement.

Why I Love Where I Live is a movement committed to cultivating a love for their city that shows itself in beauty and active engagement. Through resources, a connected online community, and a local shop, Why I Love Where I Live wants you to love where you live and seek its good, regardless of where that is.

If you live somewhere but do not make the effort to at least try and enjoy it, you are missing out on beauty that is right in front of you.

We want you to love where you live.

Come by our shop in downtown Tucson, browse online, and join our email list to learn how active community engagement leads to joy for not only yourself but also those around you.