25 Ways to Love Your City


25 Ways to Love Your City

  1. Subscribe to local publications.

  2. Participate in local elections.

  3. Educate yourself on local government.

  4. Take walks in your neighborhood.

  5. Ask questions about the brokenness in your city.

  6. Study & learn about the history of your neighborhood, city, and state.

  7. Explore different areas & neighborhoods.

  8. Talk to your neighbors & invite them into your home.

  9. Try spending more time in your front yard instead of your backyard.

  10. Make a 5-10 year commitment to your city/neighborhood.

  11. Try a new transportation mode: walking, biking, carpooling, taking the bus.

  12. Support local businesses.

  13. Share what you love about your city with others.

  14. Share needs you see in your city with others.

  15. Create art, poetry, music, photographs, etc. that show others what your city is all about.

  16. Volunteer and financially support local non-profits.

  17. Start a business or non-profit to address a need.

  18. Become a regular at places like coffee shops, parks, and restaurants.

  19. Start a community garden.

  20. Change the way you talk about where you live. Language matters!

  21. Be available.

  22. Get into the sports community.

  23. Create regular traditions at the same spots, like Friday coffee or neighborhood happy hour.

  24. Use social media to interact with others in the community.

  25. Focus on being an active contributor in your city instead of just a consumer.

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