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HardVolume: Equipping People for the Adventure of Life

In our bodies we live and move and have our being. It is with our eyes that we gaze upon the sun dipping behind the Tucson mountains, with our ears that we hear the coyotes howling at the full moon. It is our skin that soaks up the winter sunshine, our tongues that taste hot caldo, and our noses that welcome the fragrance of the holidays. It is with our bodies that we hold our children, embrace our friends, do the good work that we’ve been called into.

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Caridad: Flourishing through Food

Creativity isn’t limited to the arts. It’s something that all problem solvers use to make a way that wasn’t there before. It’s one of our greatest tools because every problem, place and season calls for a unique response. Caridad Kitchen is committed to the pervasive problem of hunger in Tucson. They recognize that meeting this fundamental need for all men, women and children to have access to healthy food is essential to a flourishing city. With profound creativity they have found ways to simultaneously provide for this problem while pursuing vocational, psychological, social, and communal thriving.

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