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The Real MVP: Sustaining a City Through Faithful, Daily Work

We benefit from the good work of thousands of people every single day. Stop for a moment and consider: whose work is loving and serving you right now? Are you sitting in your home or a coffee shop, enjoying a carefully controlled temperature made possible by HVAC installers and engineers? Look up. Do you ever think about the stability of the ceiling above your head? Probably not, and that’s because of the good work of carpenters and roofers, architects and inspectors. Pause for a few minutes and look around at the chairs and tables, TV sets or books lining your shelves. The words of the authors and imaginations of the designers that fill your home don’t stop working when they clock out. Work done well continues to work long after the product or service is complete.

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PRESTA: Roasting Beautiful Coffees in Tucson

Coffee: a superfluous commodity made central by our common addiction. Even for the irreligious, the aroma of the percolation murky liquid awakens the soul before the caffeine has a chance to do its job. Our long to-do list is often made possible by the men and women who produce and purvey this magical beverage.

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