Tugo Bike Share: Imagining A Better City Through The Lens of Two Wheels

Exploring your city is just like riding a bike. Even if it’s been months or years since you’ve taken an intentional interest in Tucson, it only takes a bit of muscle memory reactivation to get back at it. Sure you have to tune up those deflated tires, find your U-lock hidden in the depths of the closet, stretch out those tight hammies…but as soon as you feel the wind in your hair it’s like you never took that long, unintended break of dating your city.

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Finding Your Why

Whether Tucson is your hometown or you’re new to the Southwest- there is always more to explore- more reasons to love where you live. And we’re here to help you do just that! But it’s important to take time to consider your personal why. Those intrinsic motivations that drive you to love your neighborhood well. Our hope is that we partake of the goodness of Tucson, to breathe in its beauty. We want you to like Tucson, but we also want you to love it. Love in the sacrificial, creative, life-giving sense of the word. And for that we need a good sense of our why.

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