Fall in Tucson 2017

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Fall in Tucson

Does it exist?

Since we typically don’t get many visual indicators that things are changing in Arizona during this season, it can be hard to tell that fall is actually here. Despite that, we’ve found lots of things we love to do and enjoy in the time in between the crazy, hot summer and the incredible, mild winter. If you arrived here from our newsletter, we've also entered you into this week's giveaway!

Check out our list of things we love about Tucson in the fall (in no particular order):

  1. TENWEST Festival (Use code WILWIL for $5 OFF)
  2. The ability to slightly enjoy a hot cup of coffee again

  3. Walking early in the morning or late in the evening when the air is crisp and cool

  4. Wine tasting in Sonoita & Willcox Wine Festival

  5. Perfect patio weather for outdoor dining experiences
  6. El Tour de Tucson

  7. Tucson Meet Yourself (happening October 13-15)

  8. Butterfly Magic at Tucson Botanical Gardens

  9. Cyclovia Tucson 

  10. Tucson Modernism Week (happening right now!) 

  11. Pumpkin patch & corn maze at Apple Annie's Orchard.

  12. Doors & windows open. Pretty much doors open all day!

  13. Sitting outside on the front porch

  14. Walking around University of Arizona campus

  15. U of A sports are back! Can anyone say, “Bear Down”?

  16. Tailgating at football games

  17. Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb

  18. Hiking and being out in the beautiful nature in and surrounding Tucson

  19. Really missing a true fall season? Drive up to Mt. Lemmon to see leaves changing color (only an hour’s drive away from basically anywhere in Tucson).

  20. Bonding with other Tucsonans when you see photos of social media from fall happening in other parts of the country...we're in this together!




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