Kristin TovaR, Owner & Founder

What started out as discontent for where she lived turned into a surprise “happily ever after” story that continues to shape the way she lives every day, with purpose and intentionality. She’s seen an experiment in gratitude grow into a movement of encouraging others to appreciate their surroundings and take notice of all that Tucson has to offer. She contributes to the creative vision & direction of WILWIL. While she has the great honor of getting to work on various projects in her city and community, her main focus is raising two beautiful humans, Calvin & Liv.


ALEX TovaR, Events

As a native of Tucson, Alex never felt compelled to leave his hometown. However, it wasn’t until his wife Kristin began her journey of learning to love where she lives, that he truly started to understand the importance of appreciating his surroundings. He enjoys exploring the places that make cities unique, and has a special love for urban spaces that bring people together. Alex is often found walking around downtown with his wife and kids, looking for new things to love about Tucson. He hopes to inspire others to engage with what's happening in their local communities.  You'll find him at special events supporting our team!




Andrew was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He found his way to Tucson via the University of Arizona. After college, he spent time back in his hometown, but he couldn't deny his longing for Tucson, which eventually led him to return. Now that he's back, he's committed to investing in the city in a variety of ways. He specializes in operations and customer experience, and if you've met him - you know what we mean! You'll find him at our retail store (opening early 2018) and managing all of our events. Say hello and grab a photo with him while you're at it!



Teena has only lived in sun-soaked cities and plans to keep it that way. She moved to Tucson from Phoenix with her husband, Reese, when he matched in an ER residency at UMC. So far her favorite things about Tucson are the historic homes, hospitable people and the diverse topography. She spends her nights mixing drinks and her days with her pointador puppy and reading and writing at local coffee shops. Her and Reese are very excited to welcome a baby girl into their family around early July! She loves capturing the passions of others in words that can connect their vision to the community. That is why she’s so excited to highlight the many local gems around Tucson. 


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