We want to see people and places thrive to create flourishing communities.

In our experience,  learning more about where we live grew our love and commitment to it, which ultimately benefitted more than just ourselves, but also the people and places around us.

Here are a few starting points from our personal journey.



Discover and learn about what is right in front of you. Look for hidden gems and things that might normally go unnoticed. Find what makes your place unique. Click here to see how we explore through the lens of photography.


Appreciate your surroundings. From block to street to city and state, delight in the place you live. Honor its past, present, and future. Enjoy what your city has to offer.  Click here to browse products to help you celebrate where you live!


Realize the impact of committing to a place and investing locally. Be an active contributor in your community. Find solutions to fix what is broken. Click here to read more about how to engage with where you live.