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đŸ”„ HOT TIPS to Make the Most of Summer đŸ”„


You ever feel torn about something? Summer is a tricky time, especially where we live with the heat (extreme heat in some cases and wildfires). On top of that, it's much easier to just get downright grumpy about the weather. Did you know heat can actually impact us on an emotional and psychological level?!

On the other hand, it's a time that seems to provide a lull in the busyness that can tangle us up during the rest of the year. There also tends to be more opportunities to socialize and relax with family and friends whether it's at a pool party or on a vacation. Speaking of vacation — a lot of kids are on Summer Break! Just ask any parent, and you'll learn summer with kids can also be a pretty mixed bag of highs and lows. So while we're in the thick of it, we wanted to provide a few tips to help you through and get your head in a good spot to make the most of these hot times. 

  • Get near water...somehow. Research shows being around water also has an impact on our mental health (just like heat, only it has the opposite effect). It's calming, stress-reducing, and lifts our mood. If you don't live close to water, get creative! It doesn't take an ocean to experience the benefits of H2O. 

  • If you don't have access to a pool you can rent a private one OR check with your local government for information on city pools & splash pads.

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