on August 20th

Presented by Serve Tucson 

It's Tucson's 240th Birthday on Thursday, August 20, 2015!

El Presidio San Agustin del Tucson was established on August 20, 1775. To commemorate this special day of celebration we are asking the community to do something for our city for 20 minutes.  Find some way to bless or serve the city, whether it be volunteer work, cleaning up a mess, giving someone a ride, etc. 

20 minutes of serving the city


$20 to a local cause or non-profit

A note from Mike B. of Serve Tucson:   

"We were planning things to do for our annual group, U of A Bear Down Camp on August 20. Another high school group from Pusch Ridge Christian Academy wanted to join with 130 more volunteers for the same day and time, as well another group from the UA Pre-Med Club.   

 So we started planning service & art projects including hosting a couple of "Why I Love Where I Live" murals at local schools. People were getting excited about it... and then we realized that, August 20, 2015 is Tucson's 240th birthday.   So we came up with the idea to invite all Tucsonans to join the fun. So join us on Thursday and "Give Tucson 20" on August 20th!

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GIVE $20 to Serve Tucson


Partners and participating organizations:

Cavett Elementary

Manzo Elementary

Maxwell K-6

Mayor Jonathon Rothschild

Pueblo Gardens K-8

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

UA Pre-Med Club

Utterback Middle School

Serve Tucson

Tucson Clean and Beautiful