Kristin Tovar



I started Why I Love Where I Live in July 2012 kind of as a ‘life experiment’. Two and a half years ago, I wasn’t super happy with my surroundings.  I constantly thought other places were more exciting and had more opportunities and things to do. I was ignoring all the beauty around me in my city. 

Through WILWIL, my outlook has dramatically changed. Not only did my mindset change, but it truly transformed other areas of my life as well. It has changed my marriage, my relationships, the way I live out my faith, etc. I have learned to be content wherever I am. I have developed a deep love, care, & concern for my city, and I choose to celebrate the good in it. Even in the past six months, there’s been more changes, and I’ve seen first-hand the impact of caring so well for the place that you live. I see opportunities to give back to the place that I live, to engage & invest in this community, and to encourage others to use their gifts & talents to bless their local community wherever that may be. 

I enjoy community building and connecting people to things that inspire them and ignite their passions.